Sercal has many years of experience in the field of calibration and their laboratory has been accredited by UKAS since 1991.  Sercal provide a comprehensive calibration service for all types of testing machines, from all manufacturers, UKAS calibration certificates issued by Sercal are proof of measurement traceability to national and international standards as required by ISO/IEC17025:2015.

  • Force: calibration of force measurement system in tensile direction from 0.01N to 2000kN and in the compression direction from 0.01N to 16.5MN
  • Compression calibration for Concrete testing machines: 100kN to 16.5MN class 1,2 and 3 machines to BS EN ISO 7500-1:2018 and for flatness of platens and spacing blocks to BS EN12390:2000
  • Length: calibration of change of length measurement device in tension and /or compression from 1-1200mm.
  • Extensometers: calibration of all types of extensometers as BS EN ISO 9513:2012 and ASTM:E83-16.
  • Tension Creep machines: calibration of Creep testing machines to EN ISO 7500-2:2006 and ASTM E4-16.
  • Impact: direct calibration of pendulum impact testing machines from 1J to 600J plus indirect calibration using reference test pieces.
  • Torque: calibration of torque from 4Nm to 5,000Nm.
  • Angle: calibration of rotary encoders from 0° to 360° on torsion machines and devices.
  • Hardness calibration: indirect calibration of hardness testing machines for Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers scales.

Sercal provide an 'In house' force calibration to both UKAS and traceable standards for load cells, load links and load measurement devices from 0.01N to 500kN. A fast reliable turnaround is offered for this In-house calibration service.

Spring testing machine calibration, for tension, compression and torque Sercal have many years experience of calibrating Spring testing machines from all manufacturers.

For equipment that falls outside the standard range, Sercal offer special calibration or verification of customer’s specific equipment and rigs.  Call us to discuss your requirements.