sercal calibration of extensometers

There is a large range of extensometers available on the market today, from clip-on and sensor arm contact units through to Video, Inductive and laser non-contact units.  One thing they all have in common though, is the need to be calibrated to recognised standards at regular intervals. Sercal can provide calibration of all types of extensometers to BS EN ISO 9513:2012 and ASTM:E83-10.

The two standards, ISO 9513: Metallic materials - Calibration of extensometers used in uniaxial testing, and ASTM E 83: Standard Practice for Verification and Classification of Extensometer System are broadly similar with small differences in their verification and classification methods. You should choose the verification method to best suit your needs and testing requirements.  As a general guideline, North American users prefer verifications to the ASTM E 83 method, while Europe generally require ISO 9513 calibrations.

sercal calibration of extensometers sercal calibration of laser extensometers

Secal Calibrations and Service can provide calibration to either method to suit your needs.

So whether you test metals, rubbers or plastics, and to whatever test programme, Sercal can ensure that your measurements are accurate and reliable.

Futhermore, with our extensive network we can source spares and replacement units to service or upgrade your all your materials test equipment.

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