load cell montage rdp zwick Calibrated by Sercal

All load cells are subject to deterioration due to use, mistreatment or ageing. Regular calibration will establish the current performance of your load cells. Whether used in instrumentation and testing, weighing or overload systems, Sercal can provide calibration to satisfy your quality or safety regime.

Sercal has many years of experience in the field of calibration and their laboratory has been accredited by UKAS since 1991. Using their custom-built load cell calibration facility, Sercal provide an 'In house' force calibration to both UKAS and traceable standards for load cells, load links and load measurement devices from 0.02N to 500kN.

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Sercal offers :

  • Wide range of manufacturers and types supported.
  • Fast turnaround
  • High quality, low cost.
  • Expert advice and service.

We pride ourselves on meeeting our customer's needs, with our extensive network of suppliers and partners we have the ability to repair, replace or upgrade your devices.  Please Contact us now to discuss your requirements.