creep testing machines

The first creep testing machines were created in 1948 to test materials for aircraft to see how they would stand in high altitudes.  Nowadays they are used widely in industry to test and compare materials and components while under long-term stress including tension, compression and flexure.

There is a wide range of creep testing machines and they are as varied as the industries they serve.  Sercal has many years of knowledge and experience with this type of test equipment and can assist you with service and calibration.

Sercal are certified by UKAS to calibrate Tension Creep Testing Machines by the verification of the applied load using force proving instruments in the range 25 N to 500 kN and verification of the applied load using masses in the range of 0.01 N to 1000 N  for Class 0.5, 1 and 2 machines all to BS EN ISO 7500-2:2006 and ASTM E4-16

For equipment that falls outside the standard range, Sercal offer special calibration or verification of customer’s specific equipment and rigs.  Call us to discuss your requirements.