Sercal Zwick large impact testing machine

Worldwide, steel producers yearly make millions of impact tests to see whether their steels meet the specific strength requirements for applications such as ship building or pipeline construction.

Sercal smaller charpy.jpg

The most common of these tests is the 'Charpy' impact test which generally consist of breaking a 55 mm bar of steel with a swinging hammer. These Charpy instruments need to be checked regularly (at least yearly) to assure reliability. The check consists of breaking steel reference samples with known impact resistance to confirm calibration. Sercal can calibrate machines from 1J to 600J absorbed energy to EN ISO 148-2:2008 and ASTM E23-12C. Add a thorough mechanical inspection to assure the safety of the equipment and you're good to go!

Sercal has many years experience in the inspection, maintenance and calibration of Izod, Charpy and plastics impact testing machines and can help you in refurbishment and relocation of your machine. Contact us now to discuss your options.