sercal alignment measurement

NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is the first attempt to implement a unified approach to measurement and inspection in the supply chain. As more aerospace primes mandate Nadcap certification, Sercal Calibrations and Service are here to help you achieve compliance.

Alignment measurement is a component of Nadcap accreditation and is based on ASTM E1012, which stipulates compliance with defined tolerances. This is reflected in Nadcap-defined audit criteria AC 7101 and AC 7122, which define the conditions for the measuring procedure, that is the verification of test axis alignment.

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Our Service

Working to ASTM E1012 an experienced Sercal service technician will position a measurement device fitted with strain-gauge alignment transducers in the test axis of your system, and then load it in the elastic range.

In the event of non-uniform force application to the specimen, the applied strain gages will register different strains. These are digitised through a connected electrical measurement amplifier and recorded by the Alignment software.  A simple, evaluation in the software enables the Sercal technician to identify errors in the test axis. If necessary further measurments can be taken using special alignment tools, and together with the software can be used to correct any misalignement.

Our standard equipment covers a large proportion of materials testing machines, contact us now to discuss your requirements.