Your old frame or rig has served you well, the mechanism is still servicable and reliable but it is bristling with potentiometers and microswitches which are failing (it still works but you need to wiggle that wire :)  What are your options? capital purchase may not be available to you this year, so what about updating, upgrading or modernising your old faithful?


Do you already have a system which is running on an unsupported operating system, or with old and unreliable electronics, we can refit the latest sensors and electronics to your equipment to extend its operating life while improving accuracy, repeatability and reliability.


old system retroline


Do you have new, additional testing requirements?  Would you like to have freely configurable test sequences?  Or do you have special new testing software requirements?  Our specialists will be happy to help you implement them. Why not take advantage of our software engineers' years of experience in implementing customer, and industry specific solutions? 


Would you like to use PC control and data handling, but your testing machine is still equipped with older measurement and control electronics?  We can modernise many old frames and rigs to incorporate the modern sensors and electronics that allow PC software to realise its full potential.


Update, Upgrade or Modernise? Contact us now to discuss your options.